Transfer to Spain

Kit West had already gained some experience in Spain ("Battle of the Bulge"), especially in Almeria 
("Lost Command" / "Play Dirty") and knew the local conditions very well, when he was called to
do the 'SFX' for a big Western Production in the desert of Almeria ("El Condor").
He set up a crew of old companions from the Les Bowie Studio and to leave nothing to chance 
Kit decided that it will be the best to bring own professional equipment to Almeria.
The 'camels' for the desert adventure were loaded at the Bowie Films Studio.
A Commer 'walk-thru' van and a Land Rover Station Wagon.
The road is long from England to Spain. What should they do?
They booked a passage on the M.S.Patricia, a new Ro-Ro Ferry from Southampton (England) to 
Bilbao (Spain). 
A 36 hour cruise on a luxury liner - That are the bright sides of life. 
The real adventure began in Bilbao! 
It went over bumpy and dusty tracks from Bilbao to Madrid and from Madrid to Almeria.
That was certainly a wild road trip in 1969!

Ready for the desert storm - codename 'El Condor':
Kit 1 - A Commer 'walk-thru' van, fully equipped for great blasts.
Kit 2 - A Land Rover Station Wagon, for desert rides.
The photo shows the guys just before the start at Bowie Films Studio.

In the port of Southampton (England).
Kit West and his wife/girlfriend(?) in the port of Southampton, 1969.
Cruising with the M.S.Patricia from Southampton to Bilbao.
Kit West in the Port of Bilbao, Spain.
M.S.Patricia - Kit 2 - Port of Bilbao, 1969.
Jack Wallis, an English FX assistant and a close friend of Kit 
from the old 'Les Bowie Studio' days.
Kits number one for the Spanish adventure.
They worked together on different movie productions in Spain.
Yesterday a luxurious crossing - Today dusty roads!
A first stop and an overnight stay at 'Hostal Mora'...on the way to Almeria.
The 'Hostel Mora' was a small Hostal in Somosierra in the north of Madrid.
Today it is called the 'Hotel - Puerto de Somosierra'.
Jack Wallis: Okay. It's a long ride to Almeria. Let's go.
Back in Bilbao, after filming for 'DOC'.
I only have very few informations about the 'Catlow', 'Hannie Caulder' and 
'Charley One-Eye' production. 
Kit: "I was SP/FX Supervisor on 'Catlow' , 'Hannie Caulder' and 'Charley One-Eye' 
with Antonio Parra and his spanish boys."
Kit West Crew on the way back to England.
Kit West - M.S.Patricia - Port of Bilbao (Spain).
'DOC' Crew - Who are these guys?