The famous western town 'Mini Hollywood' near Tabernas (Almeria), location of many 
'Spaghetti Western' movies, was chosen to play 'Tombstone'.
A good choice ... for a dirty, earthy 'OK Corral' set.
'Mini Hollywood' was once designed by Carlo Simi for the Sergio Leone Western
"For a few dollars more" as 'El Paso' Town Set, 1965.
Wyatt Earp 'DOC' already saw an opportunity here to earn good money. Pretty farsighted!
Today it's an amusement park with very little left of the old atmosphere...

Harris Yulin talking with Director Frank Perry in 'Tombstone'.

On Set in 'Tombstone' - Mini Hollywood, Tabernas (Almeria).
More than 100 'Extras' were needed for the 'Tombstone' scenes.
A young kid ('Extra') candid on Set.
'Extras' were able to earn more on one day in 'Tombstone' than they usually get for a week 
on the field or in a factory. Everyone wanted to be an 'Extra' in a movie!
Derek Ball - a famous Sound Recordist (Star Wars, James Bond,...).
Faye Dunaway on Set in 'Tombstone'.
Everything has to be right!
'Flamenco' a la Frank Perry?
Director Frank Perry on Set in 'Tombstone'. What is he doin'?
On the way to the 'OK Corral'...
Wyatt Earp (left) - Doc Holliday (right)
The Clantons arrive at the 'OK Corral'. Various cameras are in place, 1st and 2nd Unit.
Enrique Bravo (camera operator) controls the main camera.
The 'OK Corral' in 'Tombstone' ('Mini Hollywood').
Who comes there around the corner ...?
A legend takes its course ...
'DOC' Sound Recordist Derek Ball.
Rock 'n' Roll Coral
Kit West (Special Effects) - Bang, boom, bang...and Kit takes a nap!?
Derek Ball and his boys.
'DOC' Sound Recordist Crew on Set in 'Tombstone', Tabernas (Almeria). 
Immaculate smoke effects - The weapons were properly prepared.
The legendary shootout at the 'OK Corral'.