The stunt crew is made up of well-known names and lion-hearted stuntmen. 
Stunt Coordinator is Tap Canutt, the son of the great Yakima Canutt, the godfather of all stuntmen. 
The stunt double for Lee van Cleef is the famed italian stuntman Romano Puppo.
The spanish stuntman Javier Maiza is the double for Jim Brown.
Tap Canutt  -  Stunt Coordinator
Romano Puppo  -  Stunt double for Lee van Cleef 
Javier Maiza  -  Stunt double for Jim Brown

Tap Canutt (Edward Clay Canutt) was born on 7.8.1932 in Los Angeles, USA.
He is the son of the legendary stuntman Yakima Canutt. 
And like his father (born 1895) and his younger brother Harry Joe (born 1937), 
he became a stunt professional.
Tap worked for different Western Productions from the early 'Only the Valiant' (1951) to 
the 'Wild Bunch' (1969) and he was there when epic movie Stars get in trouble.
'Ben Hur' (1959), 'Spartacus' (1960) or 'El Cid' (1961).
Tap Canutt worked for different movies in Spain.
He was, for example, the stunt double for Stephen Boyd in 'Fall of the Roman Empire' (1963).
For the 'El Condor' production he was the Stunt Coordinator and directed different
stunt scenes as Second Unit Director (credited for).
Tap Canutt worked as stuntman for the splendid Gregory Peck Western 'Only the Valiant', 1951.
His father Yakima Canutt was the Stunt Coordinator for this film.
Gregory Peck on the Set in New Mexico, surrounded by fans.
I found this in my box of spanish movie documents. 
A contract of an Extra (Jesus Jimenez Herrero) for 'The Fall of the Roman Empire', 1963.
Tap Canutt was the stunt double of Stephen Boyd and his father Yakima was the Stunt Coordinator again.
Canutt family business.
Romano Puppo was born on 25.3.1933 in Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy. 
He sometimes used the aliases Roman Barrett, Roman Geer, Puppo Romano. 
He started doubling Lee Van Cleef in The Big Gundown, 1966. 
He usually was seen in distant riding scenes. 
Lee Van Cleef was in an automobile accident in 1958 after filming 'Ride Lonesome' with Randolph Scott.
Lee broke his left arm in two places and shattered his left kneecap. 
Lee was hospitalized for weeks. He was told by his doctors he would probably never ride a horse 
again and would walk with a limp. For a two year period Lee did not work or appear on film. 
He used this time to recover from his accident. 
He learned to walk again without a limp although you can see him walk stiff legged in 
some later films and that is why he dismounts so straight. 
He was given circus horses while filming in Spain and you can see by their prancing walk 
they are not horses a stuntman would ride. The circus horses gave Lee for an easier ride. 
Romano Puppo was hired as a double in riding and fight scenes as they are around the same height 
and dressed appropriately Romano does look a lot like Lee. 
As far as I know Romano doubled and appeared in all the Van Cleef films through the Sabata series. 
Lee and Romano apparently became good friends as Romano was a pall-bearer at Lee’s funeral. 
Romano was killed riding a motorcycle and suffering a heart attack on May 11, 1994 in his hometown 
of Trieste. 
Written by Tom Betts - Special Thanks!
There are not many informations available about the Stuntman Romano Puppo.
He is well-known for his different small but remarkable appearances in numerous Spaghetti Western 
and italian exploitation flicks.
I found out that he was the stunt double for Lee van Cleef in 'Day of Anger' (1967), 
'Death rides a horse' (1968) ... and I discovered him on the 'El Condor' production (1969), 
were he doubled van Cleef as well (uncredited) and probably made a few stunts disguised as 
Roman Puppo was pretty busy during this time as actor and stuntman.
Javier Maiza is a spanish stuntman and actor. 
Compared to Romano Puppo he is quite unknown and very often worked uncredited (stuntman/actor). 
He was the stunt double for Jim Brown in 'El Condor' with complete black makeup (hands, face) and 
'Take a hard ride'. Some time later, this 'black facing' was banned.
The actor Maiza had small roles in Spaghetti Western ("White Comanche"/...) and in some terrible 
cucumbers of the spanish Trash King Jesús Franco ("Oasis of the Zombies"/...).
In 'Take a hard ride' Javier Maiza was the stunt performer and (presumably) stunt double for Jim Brown again.