Special Effects

Here we show you how Kit West creates a dust storm effect.
Step 1: you need a fully fueled wind machine!
The scene was filmed north of Navalafuente (Madrid), between Bustarviejo and Valdemanco.
In the background you can see the Pico Mondalindo.

In the background on the right you can see the Camera Crew (2nd Unit).
On the left you can see the Viaducto near Bustarviejo.

The spanish wind machine with the Sierra de la Cabrera in the background.
Kit West has pulled the wind machine into the correct position.
Now we just need the battery...and here she comes.
The 2nd Unit Crew (Mario Pacheco, Raul Perez Cubero) is preparing their 
equipment to shoot the Dust Storm scene.
Special Effects wizard Kit West is waiting for the start signal.
Special 'movie dust' was spread on the floor to improve the effect.
First Assistant Director Antonio 'Tony' Tarruella.
Everybody is ready - Kit, you can start the machine...
He steps on the gas and the storm begins...
The Dust Storm Effect is actually pretty simple.
Kit has hung a perforated bag filled with colored 'talc' in front of the wind machine.
This special 'talc', called 'Fuller's Earth' (A mineral product,the contents can vary widely from 
different suppliers), is used to create the Dust Storm Effect.
The 'talc' can be spread wonderfully and keeps well in the air.
Well, but its not the best for your eyes and lungs...
A dust storm effect can also be created by the use of organic products. 
Common organic products include crushed nutshells, wheat and rice flour.

They first filmed the scene with a stationary wind machine.
But you can also move the wind machine, by lifting it onto a truck.
Here we see Kit West operating the wind machine on a running truck.
The principle is exactly the same. 
A perforated bag filled with 'Fullers Earth' hangs in front of the wind machine: Dust Storm!
Such a scene is a little harder to film as you have to coordinate the Cowboy on the horse
and the truck with the wind machine. The speed has to be right.
Special Effects by Kit West.
They filmed these scenes on a road from Bustarviejo to Navalafuente (Madrid).