Ray Caple - Matte Artist

Ray Caple was a British Matte Artist out of the school of the SP/FX 'great lord' Les Bowie.
Les Bowie recognized his capability and trained him early as a Matte Artist, 
when he was still very young.
The catalogue of films Ray worked on, usually uncredited, is quite substantial.
He worked for 'Battle of Britain', 'Play Dirty', 'Mackenna's Gold', 'Superman, 'Alien' and so 
many more. 
In the late 60ths Ray Caple was a top-trained Matte Artist of the Les Bowie company.
Producer Harry Saltzman took him to Spain for his epic 'Battle of Britain'.
Obviously he was very happy with Rays work and offered him another job in Spain.
Ray Caple went to Almeria (single contract?) to do the matte paintings for 'Play Dirty'.
The rough and cynical answer to the Robert Aldrich movie 'The Dirty Dozen'.
Kit: "You are quite right about Ray Caple being the 'foreground painting' artist, 
but actually he was at the time employed by the Les Bowie company, and hired out to Saltzman picture."

The matte paintings of Ray Caple for 'Play Dirty'.
The one on the left side (ship/harbor mole) was used in the harbor of Almeria. 
The other one was done in the little harbor of Roquetas de Mar.
Ray painted the ships on a thin sheet of glass (glass shot).
See the photo above of Ray in Roquetas de Mar and my special report about this 'glass shot'.

Producer Harry Saltzman - Tablada Airfield (Sevilla) - 'Battle of Britain'
'Battle of Britain' was the first big international movie for Ray Caple.
He even got credit for his work...!
'Battle of Britain' Set in the harbor of Hondarribia (Guip˙zcoa, Spain).
The same harbor - Look in the background, dozens of ships!
A matte painting of Ray Caple.
Comparison photo - the harbor of Hondarribia today.
'Battle of Britain' - Hondarribia on Super 8.
The 'Battle of Britain' Set in Hondarribia (Guip˙zcoa, Spain).

If you want to learn more about Ray Caple the matte artist, I recommend the website of my 
spanish friend Domingo Lizcano: IndexFX