Clanton Ranch

German Lobby Card - What a great cast photo.
The Clantons with their Cowboys (Dan van Husen/...) and Kate Elder!
Clanton Ranch - La Pedriza - Manzanares el Real (Madrid).
Behind the Ranch Set you can see the famous Peņa Castillejo (or Peņa el Castillete).
Set Decoration by Manolo Mampaso, Rafael Ablanque and Jose Maria Alarcon. 
Art Director Malcolm C.Bert.

Spanish Crew on Set in La Pedriza, Manzanares el Real (Madrid). 
Sitting left is the right hand of Kit West, Antonio Parra, the 'Special Effects' assistant 
on 'DOC' and other movies for Kit. 
Next to him is First Assistant Director Antonio Tarruella and 2 unknown Stuntmen.
We are very keen to identify those people here! 
If you have new informations, please let us know so we can update the informations given by us.

Mike Witney (Ike clanton) talking with Director Frank Perry.
Frank Perry (Director) with Stacy Keach and Harris Yulin.
Kit West (Sfx) is preparing the ground for the 'Fighting Scene'.
Test run for the scene with a Stuntman - piff, boom, bang.
Harris Yulin must learn to dance...
'Doc' helps his buddie.
Frank Perry (Director) at Rancho Clanton. 
Sitting left is the famous British Still Photographer Terry O'Neill. 
Years later he married Faye Dunaway!
British Crew? - Who are these people?
Faye Dunaway and Director Frank Perry.
Director Frank Perry on Set in La Pedriza, Manzanares el Real (Madrid).
Wyatt Earp during a break.
Harris Yulin is absolutely gorgeous as Wyatt Earp.
Faye Dunaway
Bruce M.Fisher (Billy Clanton) and Denver John Collins (The Kid).
Antonio Parra ('SFX') - Bruce M.Fisher - Harris Yulin.
All the movie guns were prepared by the Kit West Crew.
Antonio Parra and Bruce M.Fisher with an unknown spanish Crew Guy - What's his name?