Broadcaster Dick Strout has put together a series of interviews recorded by 
Fred Robbins (photo), who visited Spain during the shooting of 'El Condor'.
Robbins was able to get some unusual interviews which Strout broadcast on 
his 'Hollywood Profiles' show originating in Hollywood and which is carried 
by close to 850 stations nationally.
There are conversations with Jim Brown which runs 6 minutes, 50 second
with Lee van Cleef which lasts 6 minutes, 40 seconds; with Marianna Hill 
running 6 minutes; and with Patrick O'Neal lasting 5 minutes, 40 seconds.
And the best part is, all these interviews you could get on vinyl records for free from NGP!
I am incredibly interested in these records! Do me a favor...
Star Lee van Cleef is caught by radio interviewer Fred Robbins during a 
pause in the shooting 'El Condor' while on location in Almeria, Spain.

Radio Interviewer Fred Robbins interviews star Jim Brown during a lull 
in the shooting of 'El Condor'.
(NGP Sellmanship)