Puerto de Almeria

The Port of Almeria, 1968, decorated for 'Play Dirty' with many old oil barrels.
Here we meet Michael Caine (Captain Douglas) for the first time .

A movie set is created.

Old oil barrels were brought from all over Spain to Almeria.
'Play Dirty' movie scene in the Port of Almeria.
Many trucks brought barrels to Almeria...and to the other 'Play Dirty' Locations (Roquetas de Mar/...).
'Play Dirty' - Port of Almeria. Many rails on the quay.
Port of Almeria, 1968. The port cranes roll on these rails.
On the left side you can see the Alcazaba of Almeria in the background.
Port of Almeria, 1968.
Captain Douglas (Michael Caine).
A suspicious scene! It's a matte painting made by British Artist Ray Caple. 
Not the only surprise in 'Play Dirty'. 
A great 'Glass Shot' was designed by Ray in the harbor of Roquetas de Mar! 
Captain Douglas on the roof of a building - Port of Almeria.
The Scene with Michael Caine was shot on the roof of the building in the middle.
Let's take a closer look! Mr.Caine sat about where we see those 2 guys on the roof.
Left Tom Morahan (Production Design) and on the right side Prop Master Graham Sumner.