'Play Dirty' - Set Construction

The construction of film sets have changed only very little over the years.
The essential components are still the same: Wood in all sizes and thicknesses, 
plaster of gypsum or similar and mats of (halfed) bamboo or reed.
A few tricks here and there, but with these ingredients you can build a first-class movie Set.

Kit West and his wife Diana visited the still unfinished 'Play Dirty' Set around the 
Cortijo de la Hoya Altica (Cabo de Gata, Almeria), 1968.

The finished Set looks great, like a real bombed North-African Cortjo.
Michael Caine and Nigel Davenport in a 'Play Dirty' Scene in the Cortijo Set and ...
... at the same position on the back.
Behind the scenes - Look at this jumble of wood!
Very classic design of wood, bamboo mats and plaster.
Looks a little wild, but is fairly stable and durable.
Special Effects Supervisor Kit West - Cortijo Set, 1968.
The lovely Diana West in the Cortijo Set, 1968.
Apparently this will be an open door in arabic style.
Construction Close-up.
Mats of bamboo/reed and plaster on the right side.
Stones and plaster on the left.
In the middle a couple of little wooden bars and plywood.
For larger movie sets often big prefabricated plywood panels (finished plastered or painted) are used.
We see these components later, when we look at the 'El Condor' Fort Construction.
Michael Caine ("very italian") - Cortijo Set, 1968.
Diana West - Cortijo de la Hoya Altica, 1968, shortly before the shooting.
The set is not quite ready yet.
The set is not finished plastered. Look at the white wall near the stairs.
Michael Caine nearly on the same position. The set looks very different now. 
The previously snow-white wall now looks ancient and look at the little wooden extras. 
The brand new movie set was redesigned as a ruin for the shooting.
Michael Caine on the stairs.
SP/FX Supervisor Kit West on the stairs ... shortly before.
For this 'Play Dirty' Set the real Cortijo de la Hoya Altica has been expanded with a new
movie Set. A common practice for movie sets. 
Take an old existing building and modify or extend it.
Comparison photo summer 2007.
Parts of the real Cortijo de la Hoya Altica are still there.
You can clearly see the difference between the real building (right) and the 
new movie set parts (left), 1968.
Aaahhh ... look, who's coming there? How sweet.
Diana West in the Cortijo de la Hoya Altica, 1968.
We all know what will happen ...
Diana fell in love with the little rascals ... immediately!
But wait a minute, there was a dog in the Cortijo scene!
Aaah, he is a movie Star! 
Look how professional he is running through the picture. A well-trained  dog!
Well, on the other side is a tasty bone ... what a 'Special Effect'!
Cortijo de la Hoya Alica, 1968. Set shell construction.
What you see here was all built for 'Play Dirty'.
The finished Set in the movie.
A separate special report is dedicated to the shooting in the
Cortijo de la Hoya Altica.