Many strange things can happen before a movie is finally finished.
A cut here, a cut there, deleted scenes and much more.
Director Andre de Toth wrote in his book 'Fragments' about a last minute cut 
in the score of Michel Legrand. 
The wife of Producer Harry Saltzman, Jackie Saltzman, openly hated the movie.
"She tried to talk Harry into scuttling it, or at least re-cut the end;
she mysteriously succeeded - only at the last minute before the release prints 
started to roll off the printer - in cutting out of Michel Legrand's score 
a children's euphorious, jubilant choir from under the morbid scene where 
Caine orders at gun-point his rebellious patrol to bury the bodies of their 
ambushed enemy. 'Mon dieux, C'est un scrilege', Jackie cried, and 
her tears did the trick." Damn, I'd like to hear the choir!

Michael Caine comes down the stairs - 'Play Dirty', Cortijo de la Hoya Altica, 1968.

A few seconds later he puts his sunglasses under his belt and salutes. 
This scene was cut and is not in the final release.
Possibly some kind of test shot and the scene was not used.
It must have been a close-up, behind Michael Caine numerous cables are clearly to be seen.
The 'Salute Scene' was filmed in the Cortijo de la Hoya Altica Set.
Shortly after, close-ups of the Michael Caine and Nigel Davenport can be seen in the movie.
What's this? Michael Caine is strapped in a cage with a camera.
The cage is a round 'tube' and it is rolled down the sand dune.
Mr.Caine is strapped, his arms and legs are 'fixed'. A few foam pieces for the acidified actor.
This was used to get close-ups of Michael Caine rolling down a sand dune in Cabo de Gata.
Michael Caine does really not look particularly happy in the cage.
I can understand that, I do not want to roll down in this cage somewhere.
An elaborate design, but the scenes were not used.
The 'Dune Cage' - Fixings for the feet - Cabo de Gata, 1968.
Arthur Beavis (British SP/FX assistant) in the cage - Cabo de Gata, 1968.
Despite foam pieces certainly not necessarily comfortable.
SP/FX guys are crazy people - Arthur Beavis having fun in the cage with his pistol, a Luger P08.
'Play Dirty' - Cabo de Gata, 1968.