The stopping of Desert Fox Rommel in his lightning-fast sweep across North Africa 
is the prime order of business for a bizarre group of mercenaries in 'Play Dirty'. 
Almeria (Andalusia, Spain) was definitely the very best location for this biting desert storm. 
Producer Harry Saltzman sent Andre de Toth to Almeria to find suitable locations. 
And he discovered some great locations and they built amazing sets in the desert. 
Experience large-scale location reports with many candid on Set photos, 
behind the Scenes photos and numerous "then and now" photos complemented by 
anecdotes and memories of Kit West.
The photo above shows Michael Caine, Nigel Davenport and director Andre de Toth filming a scene in 
the 'Oasis de Tabernas'.
'Play Dirty' - The Locations in Almeria. 
Almeria Locations
'Alvarez de Sotomayor' - Base Militar (La Legion)
Cabo de Gata
Cortijo de la Hoya Altica
Llano de Benavides
Oasis de Tabernas
Puerto de Almeria
Rambla de Alfaro
Rambla de Moreno

Roquetas de Mar

'Play Dirty' - Base Militar (La Legion) - 'Alvarez de Sotomayor', 1968.
An impressive rock wall on the military training area.
It was quite difficult to find this place...
...and even more difficult to photograph this hidden 'Play Dirty' location.
'La Legion' does not really love photographers!
Comparison photo of 'The Wall', 2007. Bullet casings (blank ammunition) were strewn everywhere.
This uncommon location was also used in the movie 'Lost Command' (Kit West SP/FX co-Supervisor), 1966.