Oasis de Tabernas - Rambla Viciana

The splendid little 'Oasis' Location we know as 'Oasis de Tabernas' was designed 1962 for the 
David Lean epic 'Lawrence of Arabia' near Tabernas (Almeria, Rambla Viciana).
The large palm trees were brought by truck from Alicante (Elche) to Almeria. 
Due to the unfavorable conditions (sand, heat, no water) almost all the palm trees have died 
shortly after the shooting.
The palm trees that we see here today and in numerous movie productions are probably grown naturally here.
Even the spacious 'Lawrence' water holes (plastic film) disappeared quickly.
The 'Play Dirty' crew planted no new palm trees but took advantage of the natural conditions of the 'Oasis' location.
A new watering hole has been created and everything was prepared, even real camels, for a true African style oasis.
It is very well possible, that the 'Play Dirty' camels are the old 'Lawrence of Arabia' Stars or their descendants.
Director Andre de Toth wrote in his book 'Fragments':
"...even a professional liar wouldn't swear that the camels weren't descendants of Lawrence of Arabias 
fugitives, which of course they were. Otherwise, there would be no camels in the film,
we couldn't have afforded them."

Michael Caine, Oasis de Tabernas, 1968.

The watering place, 1968.
Comparison photo 2007 - One can still imagine the watering place.
On the left Terry Schubert (British SP/FX assistant - Kit West Crew) at the Oasis Set.
Comparison photo 2007.
Jack Wallis (SP/FX assistant) - Always present, the sunglasses!
Antonio Parra (Spanish SP/FX assistant).
'Play Dirty' - Oasis de Tabernas, 1968.
Comparison photo 2007. A bone-dry, hot place.
German 'Play Dirty' lobby card. Comparison photo 2007.
US lobby card - Comparison photo 2007.
Kit West (in the middle) on set at the Oasis. 
The guy on the left side, white shirt, is Prop Master Graham Sumner.
Comparison photo 2005.
Nigel Davenport - Oasis, 1968.
Kit: "All the guns on the movie were originally real, but adapted only to fire blank ammunition."
Comparison photo 2007. 
This is not the Caribbean, buddy, it is the small oasis in the desert of Tabernas (Spain).
Nigel Davenport Comparison photo 2007.
Michael Caine
Comparison photo 2007.
'Play Dirty' - Oasis de Tabernas, 1968.
Comparison photo 2007.
Nobody cares about the dead bodies ...
Comparison photo 2007.
Michael Caine - Oasis de Tabernas, 1968.
Comparison photo 2007.
A descendant of the old 'Lawrence of Arabia' camels?
Comparison photo 2007.
Michael Caine - On the right the watering place built for 'Play Dirty'.
It's more of a dirty water hole as a crystal clear mountain lake.
Comparison photo 2007 - The position of the watering place is still identifiable.
It was simply a shallow pit dug and lined with plastic wrap.
Around the year 2004 the plastic wrap was still visible (photo).
Jack Wallis (SP/FX) - The camels.
One Camel, a professional, got a special role...
She can take a leisurely stroll across the way.
Comparison photo 2007.
Kit West (SP/FX Supervisor) is talking with Camera Operator Alan McCabe.
'Play Dirty' - Oasis de Tabernas, 1968.
Comparison photo 2007 - The approximate position of the watering place.
German Lobby Card. Comparison photo 2007.
Jack Wallis - Special Effects assistant and a close confidant of Kit West.
Terry Schubert (SP/FX assistant - Kit West Crew).
A renowned SP/FX assistant and technician ('Superman', 'Indiana Jones', 'The Dark Crystal', 'Krull',...). 
In his early years he worked very often without getting any credit for it
('Play Dirty'!).
A spanish FX man. So far I could not identify him.
Manuel Archilla? Manuel Molina?
Kit West - Oasis de Tabernas, 1968.
Oasis de Tabernas - A pretty popular and frequently used location for various film productions.
Many western movies but also other Genre productions were filmed here.