Mobile Workshop

The 'mobile workshop' car Kit West brought to Spain for the 'El Condor' production 
was a Commer 'walk-thru' van.
The Commer was perfectly equipped to design great special effects.
On board were a lathe, milling machine, press, power drill and a lot of other gadgetry.
The Kit West Crew was responsible for all kinds of effects, not only for explosions, 
weapons and ammunition.

The 'mobile workshop' car on the 'El Condor' Set, 1969. 
Kit was involved from the beginning in the development of the 'El Condor' fortress to lay out 
and prepare the Special Effects, for example the heavy explosions. 
The guy with the sunglasses is the spanish Special Effects legend Antonio 'Tony' Parra.
A companion of Kit West in Spain and key contact on Set.
Next to him is Peter Dawson, a british SP/FX man. 
Jack Wallis (SP/FX) is standing in the car. A close friend of Kit
In the background you can follow the work on the 'El Condor' Set. 
The largest Movie Set ever built in Almeria for a Western movie! 

The 'mobile workshop' Commer (Kit 1) and the Land Rover Station Wagon (Kit 2). 
Jack Wallis (SP/FX Kit West Crew) is checking a Winchester. 
Kit West checks a crossbow.
Let's see if the boss has done everything right.
The Commer 'walk-thru' van and the Land Rover Station Wagon.
What a glimpse into the heart of the Kit West Crew - the fully equipped 'SFX' magic mobile!
Everything is possible!
The Maestro at Work.
Kit West is preparing a few surprises.
A close friend of Kit West and 'un gran compaņero' in Spain, Jack Wallis (SP/FX).
Kit could use an entire hall to prepare his 'SFX'.
It was an empty warehouse in Almeria, used as 'Special Effects Workshop'. 
Small sketches - big explosions!
View into the 'magic hall' - A coach is prepared.

The above-examined weapons (see photos) must be tested extensively...of course! 
On Set in 'Mini Hollywood', Tabernas (Almeria). 
Jack Wallis (SP/FX) and behind of him, Robert 'Bob' Watts (Producer).
The second guy from the right is Prop Master Graham Sumner.
We need more ammo! Special Effects man Jack Wallis (left) and Producer Bob Watts (right).
Double trouble in the desert. Jack Wallis (SP/FX) and Bob Watts (Producer).
Kit West (right) with Spanish Crew.