Minas de Rodalquilar

Some very exciting 'El Condor' scenes took place in the old gold mines of Rodalquilar.
A great location, excellent staged, and additionally 'spiced up' with elaborate SPFX.
The photo shows the old industrial plants for gold panning - Rodalquilar, 1969.

The Gold of Rodalquilar - Industrial plants - 1969

Lee van Cleef (Jaroo) hides in the old gold mines ... on the run from a gang of bandits.
Gold mines of Rodalquilar, 1969.
Production Manager Robert 'Bob' Watts in search of suitable locations, 1969.
Almost 20 years later he was back here for 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'.
A Nazi plane crashes into a tunnel (gold mine).
In a gold mine of Rodalquilar Lee van Cleef (Jaroo) meets Jim Brown (Luke).
Together they want to conquer the fortress of El Condor, in which they suspect a huge 
amount of gold bars. But In the gold mines still lurk the bandits ...
The walkways of the actors (Dan van Husen,...) are prepared, 1969.
Larger stones are removed to avoid injury. 
Actor Dan van Husen has his big brief appearance - He is shot ... and ends up in fine sand.
Luke (Jim Brown) has an idea. He shoots at the tip and triggers a rockfall.
Kit: "We built a tip, with explosive quick releases, to hold real rocks and rubble."
A massive wooden beam holds the flap....and is blasted away by explosive quick releases.
An avalanche of rocks and rubble roars into the depths.
Shooting in the dust storm - Minas de Rodalquilar, 1969.
Wait a minute, in the movie you can see large stones falling in close up on the bandits!
How did you manage that, Kit?
Kit: "Well, for the closer shots we built a lower tip, and shoot, to 
direct 'soft' rocks and rubble onto the stuntmen.
This tip was released by electric quick release hooks."
In the background you can see a 'mountain of cardboard boxes'.
A security measure for the guys on the shaky ladder.
Kit: "Carboard boxes can be seen to catch the actors/stuntmen."
I remember scenes on the ladder ... but I do not remember any big jump/stunt Scene.
Look at this!
I never expected such an effort behind these few movie seconds.
The crew wears protective helmets, the tip is loaded with 'soft' rocks.
Everything is ready to let it rain rocks and rubble onto the poor stuntmen.
Pretty little place up there, you should better never make a false step.
A fantastic photo - It looks like a model kit, but is real! Surreal!
As if ants keep their tunnel clean ...
Close up. What a tremendous effort for a short scene!
The tip is loaded directly out of the tunnel/gold mine.
Look at the brave stuntmen, squatting down there.
The hooks are solved (electric quick release)...and THUNDER!
Hopefully that's really all just 'soft' stones!
An umbrella might help ...
The photographer is in trouble ...just like the stuntmen.
They must be somewhere down there ...
There! A stuntman raises a thumbs-up! Puuuh.
Minas de Rodalquilar, 1969 - Filming of 'El Condor'.
Back to the bandit (stuntmen) scenes on the shaky ladder.
All the boxes are kept in position with only a few ropes!?
Hopefully no one had to make use of this safety measure.
Was a doctor present?
In such scenes...you have to be prepared for anything.
Minas de Rodalquilar, 1969 - A 'Cruz Roja' Ambulance on set.
Kit: "Always on action sequences an ambulance is on stand-by, but 
throughout the shooting of a movie, a member of the nursing profession 
is on the set, the whole time."
Peter Dawson (SPFX) sitting next to a bald man...
Kit:"...the bald man is our special effects carpenter 'Choppo' 
(his nickname, I cannot remember his real name). 
No idea who the other two guys were."