Location Hunting

At an early stage of the 'El Condor' production Director John Guillermin and Special Effects Supervisor 
Kit West searched for suitable locations in the Ramblas around Tabernas (Almeria).
The tremendous Fortress was already in the construction phase...but some outdoor locatios for smaller 
scenes were missing.
So the guys took Kits Land Rover (KIT 2) for a bumpy ride into the desert.
On their way they stopped at many splendid locations of other Western Movie productions of that period.
Location Hunting in the desert of Tabernas, 1969.

Director John Guillermin in the Desert of Tabernas, 1969.
In the background the old bridge of the country road to Almeria.
With the pleasant silence it's over ...
Today there is a new big bridge for the modern highway next to the old one.

The Desert of Tabernas (Almeria), 1969.
Is this still a Land Rover... or a moon buggy?
This part of the desert is called 'Las Salinillas'.
A marvelous movie location for a great many of Western Films and other Genre productions.
Wow, the Rambla Lanujar 1969. One of my favorite 'Movie Ramblas' around Tabernas.
Lost in the desert! Rambla Lanujar, 1969.
The guys finally reaching the top. 
Director John Guillermin, in the middle, enjoys the view from up here.
Of course this difficult-to-reach place was used in a movie...

From a given cause you allow me this little 'excursion'.
Giuliano Gemma, one of the most famous 'Spaghetti Western' faces, died tragically in
a car crash recently (1.October 2013).
In his movie 'Wanted', 1967, someone is lurking behind this special rock...trying to shoot him!
Comparison photo 1967 - 2007.
The poor camera operator...he had to haul his equipment up there.

Look at this! The Rambla Lanujar is really an awesome 'Movie Rambla'.
Kit West - Rambla Lanujar (Almeria) - 1969.
The passage through the Rambla at this point is no longer possible.
Large rocks are thundered out of the right rock wall at depth and block the way today.
On their way through the Desert of Tabernas the boys visited many Movie Sets of various 
movie Productions. 
Today they explore the wonderful Movie Sets built for the Dino de Laurentiis (producer) movie 
'A man called Sledge', 1969.
The 'Church Set' was built in Polopos (Almeria) for 'A man called Sledge'. 
It remained standing for many years.
The children from the small town Polopos used the Set as an adventure playground.
Looks like a real church ruin. Good job of the construction crew. A splendid movie location!
1969 - The 'El Condor' party visited the church.
Next stop 'Rockville Prison'! Another splendid Movie Set built for 'A man called Sledge'.
Production Design and Art Direction was in the hand of italians, Mario Chiari and Mario Scisci, 
but the construction crew was surely spanish.
'Rockville Prison' was in its beauty and size only surpassed by the mighty 'El Condor' fortress!
Two giant handmade film sets.
'El Condor' crew from left to right.
Robert 'Bob' Watts (Production Manager), Graham Sumner (Prop Master) and Jack Wallis (SP/FX).
On the right side you can see some buses in the background. The 'Sledge' production is running.
The boys have visited different other film locations. 
I will soon show you more from Almeria of the year 1969.
The 'Rockville Prison' on a German lobby card (left) and on one from the USA (right).
Inside of the 'Rockville Prison' - Spanish lobby card.
Laura Antonelli and James Garner - 'A man called Sledge' meeting.