I was in Madrid, having just completed seven months work on the World War II 
epic 'The Battle of the Bulge' in Segovia, when I received a call from a 
Producer at Columbia Pictures, to go down to the seaport of Almeria to 
co-supervise, with Spanish Effects supervisor Manolo Baquero, a war 
movie about the French Paratroopers during their fight in Indochina 
and later in Algeria (the movie was 'The Lost Command).
It was during this shoot I was to meet up with Antonio Parra, and a 
crew of wonderful Effects guys who went on to work with me for many 
years to come.
Almeria became like second home to me, setting up a workshop there 
and moving over all my materials and equipment from the UK.
I went on to make a further eleven movies in Spain with
Antonio Parra my No.1 Technician and dearest friend to this day.
I having nothing but happy memories of working in the town 
of Almeria.
Carsten, I think you have most of the details for this period
of my movie making life.