Play Dirty - Kodak Ektachrome Slides

'Play Dirty' - Kodak Ektachrome Slides. 
I can proudly present you a great selection of never published before photos in special FX-Color.
Here we see SPFX Supervisor Kit West navigating his crew through the desert of Benavides (Tabernas, Almeria). 
A hot and dry moonscape - Learn more about these scenes:  SPFX

   Very Special Thanks to Mister Kit West for sending me in these great 'Play Dirty' slides!  

Benavides, 1968. 
Kit West and his Crew is preparing the 'rockhopper' scenes. See how the Jeeps conquer the rockface!
The Benavides rockface (Tabernas, Almeria) - Comparison photo, summer 2007.
The Benavides rockface, 1968. Great scenes require a lot of effort.

The Crew during a break in filming the 'rockhopper' scenes - Benavides, 1968.
US Lobby Card - The 'Bury the bodies!' scene was filmed in the Benavides desert as well.
Filming of the the 'Bury of the bodies!' scene - Benavides, 1968 - Kodak Exktachrome slide.
Special Effects Supervisor Kit West is standing in the middle with a walkie-talkie in his hand:
'Start release for the wind machines!'
In the red shirt Director Andre de Toth. 
The 'Bury the bodies' scene in the movie, 1968. Comparison photo, summer 2007.

Cabo de Gata, 1968. A sandstorm is prepared. 
On the right side you can see Antonio Parra (SPFX) on the wind machine.
Actor Nigel Davenport (Capt.Leech) in an interview with David Bishop ('Starring Michael Caine): 
"...We were working in very adverse conditions. For one of the sequences we were supposed 
to be in a sandstorm. We worked in a sandstorm for real. There was this howling wind, 
sand flying around and it was bloody uncomfortable. We started of with ten cameras 
covering it and there was only one camera fit to use by the end of the day..."
Here you can find out more about these scenes: Sandstorm
And more about the adverse conditions which Nigel Davenport mentioned, can be 
found here: Filming in Cabo de Gata

Cabo de Gata, 1968. The Oil dump in the desert, a dummy.
The Actors (Michael Caine, Nigel Davenport,...) are crawling through the sand.
See the guys in the middle of the photo and on the right side. 
They are currently filming the Close ups here. 
You can see a big wind machine and 2 smaller ones. The heavy one is powered by an aircraft engine! 
Next to the wind machines, on the left side, you can see an accurately prepared mine belt. 
But what's that on the yellow scaffolding, Kit? 
Strange devices ... looks like the leaf blower from Luke Skywalker (Star Wars)! 
Kit: "Carsten, those devices are Igeba Jet pulse smoke generators. 
Used normaly for fumigating fruit orchards, but with slightly sented smoke oil in them, 
they are marvelous for heavy smoke effects. 
Those three machines would cover a football pitch in a very few minutes."
Here you can find out more about these scenes: Cabo de Gata
The filming of the Close ups goes on (Look at the next photo!).
Here you see the smaller wind machines, powered by Volkswagen industrial engines. 
'Play Dirty' - Still of the finished Close ups filmed near the Oil dump.
Special Effects Supervisor Kit West and Michael Caine in the oil dump dummy.
Oasis de Tabernas, 1968. 
Michael Caine, Nigel Davenport and Director Andre de Toth.
Andre de Toth (Director) and Kit West (SPFX Supervisor) talking with Michael Caine and
Nigel Davenport during a break.
Comparison photo, June 2007 - Oasis de Tabernas.
SPFX Supervisor Kit West during a break - Oasis de Tabernas, 1968.
Captain Douglas (Michael Caine) gets a fresh make-up.
Oasis de Tabernas, 1968 - Filming of 'Play Dirty'.
Here you can find out more about these scenes: Oasis de Tabernas
'Play Dirty' - Kodak Extachrome Transparency.
A few crew members start running ...the catering bus offers specialties today!
The big guy on the left is Antonio Tarruella (Assistant Director).
Directly behind Tony Tarruella goes Betty Glasow, a famous and well-known hair stylist.
Oasis de Tabernas - German 'Play Dirty' Lobby Cards.