Ramón de Diego is the spanish Make-up Artist (Supervisor) of the 'El Condor' production.
He worked for a long list of films as Make-up Artist, including several Western movies.
He also has a few credits as a Writer.
Ramón de Diego made the FX Makeup for '100 Rifles', 'Guns of the Magnificent Seven', 
'Catlow' and 'Man called Noon'.
For 'El Condor' he made the usual Western Movie FX Makeup, all sorts of battle wounds, 
and a few Specials.
In the above photo we see Ramón de Diego improving his 'tar and feathers' makeup for
Lee van Cleef and Jim Brown.
Standing behind the Make-up Artist, Jack Wallis (SP/FX).
The Scene was filmed at the 'Oasis de Tabernas' (Tabernas/Almeria).