Not much is known about the Special Effects Crew of the 'El Condor' production. 
Only the SP/FX Supervisor, Kit West, got credit for his work. 
And you can be sure that he was not alone. 
In fact, he had quite a large crew of top-notch assistants. 
There is very little information available, but I could find out some interesting details and names 
and can now proudly present the 'El Condor' Special Effects Crew to honor the unsung heroes. 
Kneeling on the ground on the photo above are from left to right: 
Peter Dawson (SP/FX) and Antonio Bueno (SP/FX). 
On set, Antonio Bueno was approached only with his nickname 'Puccini'. 
The guy left to Kit West was known as 'Choppy' (SP/FX). So far I could not find out his real name. 
The big man with the 'blacked up face' is the spanish stuntman Javier Maiza. 
He was the stunt double for Jim Brown. 
Javier Maiza was the one running and riding through the explosions for Mr. Brown. 
On the left side of the Stuntman is the spanish Special Effects magician Antonio Parra. 
The guy on the right of Antonio Parra is an unknown Almeria FX helper. 
Kit had up to 10 additional local helper.
SP/FX Crew
Kit West  (Supervisor, UK)
Jack Wallis (UK)
Peter Dawson (UK)
Antonio Parra (Spain)
Antonio Baladin (Spain)
Antonio Bueno (Spain)
What a great 'Crew' photo. 
Kit: "All my fx assistants I had during my period of working in Spain, 
were marvelous and top of the class...".
Second from the right, standing up on the platform, is Antonio Balandin (SP/FX).
SP/FX experts in a lively discussion.
Peter Dawson talks with Antonio Parra and Antonio 'Puccini' Bueno.
Grinning on the left side, Jack Wallis (SP/FX).
Antonio Baladin and Kit West sitting on the platform. 
Antonio Parra is talking with Jack Wallis.
Special Effects Crew - 'El Condor', 1969.
Now the fun can begin. Antonio Baladin and Jack Wallis open the 'Pandora's box'.
Jack pointing with his finger to a small name tag: Kit West.
That can only mean one thing, fireworks!
Peter Dawson talking with Antonio Parra, 1969.
Antonio Parra talking with the Almeria Crew on the 'El Condor' Set, 1969.
Who can help me identify these people?
There is still a lot of work to identify the unsung heroes.
Different reports will show you this great SP/FX Crew 'in action'.
A curriculum vitae for every Crew member is in the works.