Citroen 2CV - Camera Car

This is the poignant and incredible story of the legendary AL-13162 !?
What the hell is this for? - Buddy, this is an ode to a legendary Camera Car!
The Citroen 2CV with registration number AL, for Almeria, 13162 - A cult Car!
No film production runs without an iconic car! Batman, James Bond, ...
The Citroen 2CV AL-13162 was a Star in the movie business of Almeria and was booked 
for various films. Okay, this is all a bit shaky, but cultish!
And one thing is beyond question, the Citroen 2CV is a cult car!
For many years Citroen did outstanding advertising with Tintin comic illustrations 
(Copyright by Hergé) for the 2CV. Here is an example from 1986.

The AL-13162 in action in the dunes of Cabo de Gata (Almeria) for 'Play Dirty', 1968. 
Behind the camera in the 2CV is Camera Operator Alan McCabe.

Citroen 2CV - Desert adventure.
The doors are removed and in the trunk sits the camera operator with his equipment.
We are ready for 'take off'. 
To avoid a lose of traction on the front axle (take off) you need a little counterweight...
Stones and driftwood, Almeria style!

The AL-13162 in 'El Condor'.
A wild ride through the 'Valle del Buho', Tabernas (Almeria), 1969.
Kit West is the guy on the right (white shirt).
A Citroen chasing the supporting cast.
Wow, look at this! The poor car!
Now with 2 cameras. One camera operator lies on a platform outside the car trunk.
Someone has to sit on the hood to keep the Citroen in the track ...
The Citroen is passing fast and win the race! - 'Valle del Buho', 1969.
Who knows more adventures of AL-13162?
What is he doing today? - Small television appearances? Commercials? Retirement?