Shooting - Cabo de Gato

'Cabo de Gata' - The challenging shooting in the movie desert of Almeria (Spain).
Sand, sand, again and again, nothing but sand!

Michael Caine arrives on set. Assistant Director Antonio Tarruella (left) awaits him already.
Andre de Toth: "...there was no rest for Caine on this film which he dislikes intensely - Play Dirty, 
where he had to play dirty and climb the Himalayan sand dunes in the heat of the desert 
where only the wind-whipped sand wiped off the sweat.
But more credit to the pro he is, he did it. But not with a smile, mind you" 
('Fragments' by Andre de Toth).

Cabo de Gata, 1968. It was hard work to bring the vehicles into the correct position.
The sand is constantly in motion.
Assistant Director Antonio Tarruella and Roger Good (Assistant director) transmit S.O.S.!
The motor goes on strike! No simple conditions in the wind-whipped sand.
'Play Dirty', 1968
The crew in the desert, everyone lends a helping hand.
The Crew - The Desert - The Sand.
Far too often the cars sink into in the sand.
Wild sand - great effects.
SP/FX British Crew Jack Wallis and Arthur Beavis.
On Set in Cabo de Gata, 1968.
A bumpy ride through the desert.
'Play Dirty' - Cabo de Gata, 1968.
Assistant Director Roger Good (left) in discussion with Alan McCabe (Camera operator) and
Antonio Tarruella (middle).
Camera Opertor Alan McCabe sits back in the trunk of the 2CV, 
ready to shoot the desert ride.
Assistant Director Antonio Tarruella has fun with Prop Master Graham Sumner (right).
'Play Dirty' - Cabo de Gata, 1968.
Camera Operator Alan McCabe.
The camera equipment had to be protected from the constantly flying sand with wood panels or tents. 
'SAND' - 4 points!
A relaxed Michael Caine on Set in Cabo de Gata. 
Cheerful laughing during a game of 'Scrabble' with Nigel Davenport and crew guys.
Cabo de Gata, 1968. From right to left: Special Effects Supervisor Kit West, 
Assistant Director Antonio 'Tony' Tarruella and an unknown helper of Tony Tarruella.
A scarecrow in the desert!?
He is probably there to eliminate the traces with this ... let's call it broom! 
Well, he has a walkie-talkie, maybe he gives signals.
Capt.Douglas (Michael Caine) fighting with a german nurse (Vivian Pickles). Capt.Leech (Nigel Davenport) comes to the rescue.
US press photos - Dancing in the desert.
Captain Leech (Nigel Davenport) Captain Douglas (Michael Caine)
Leech: "Don't you know how to handle a woman?"
Vivian Pickles in the beauty parlor of 'Play Dirty'. Cabo de Gata, 1968.
Kit West Special Effects Crew. 
Other crew members are Arthur Beavis, ... and all the excellent 
spanish Special Effects guys (Antonio Parra,...)
Kit: "...all my fx assistants I had during my period of working in Spain, 
were marvelous and top of the class..."
Michael Caine said in an interview in 1969 ('films and filming' magazine) about 'Play Dirty', 
that he will never make another film in Spain, because of the bad conditions.
Ha, he'd probably still sand between his teeth. 
See my Special Effects report 'Sandstorm' for more informations.
Michael had to survive several sandstorms!
The crew was a close-knit community and even Michael Caine said (in the same Interview):
" Toth made an extremely good job of a very difficult situation."
In the middle of this photo are Antonio Parra and Arthus Beavis, 2 SP/FX guys of 
the Kit West Crew.