Booby Trap - Desert Oasis

The 'Booby Trap' Set - Cabo de Gata (Almeria), 1968.

Siesta in the desert - The calm before the storm.

Action! - Behind the wheel is a professional driver.
The guy with the loud-hailer is assistant director Roger Good.
The ride into the search of new tires.
Kit West and Director Andre de Toth with other Crew guys.
The spanish FX technician Antonio Parra burns half of the Set...
Everything must look stylishly. Burnt, dirty and dead as a doornail.
Kit prepares a small fireworks ('Booby Trap'). 
An unknown spanish FX technician is digging a hole for the explosion. 
Who is that guy? - He also worked for the 'DOC' production. 
Probably a guy of the SP/FX team of Antonio Parra. Antonio is the guy on the right side.
Large stones must be removed. Antonio Parra (right) at work. 
Antonio Parra connects the detonator with the explosive and secures both with adhesive tape.
The hole is prepared for the 'Booby Trap' explosion. 
Antonio Parra sets the explosives in the correct position.
He was very often not credited for his work, for example he got no credit for 'Play Dirty' 
and is quite unknown even in Spain.
The spanish SFX legend Antonio Parra is one of those unsung heroes 
that I want to honor with my website.
Kit West and his boys. Arthur Beavis (British SP/FX assistant) and Jack Wallis (SP/FX).
Kit prepares the 'Hassan' dummy for the explosion.
'Play Dirty' screenshot - The 'Hassan' dummy sits nicely on the explosives...
Everything is prepared. Everyone has said goodbye to 'Hassan'.
Uhhhhhh... painful isn't it?
A photo from a safe distance, 1968.
Filming in the oasis. The close-ups are prepared.
Director of Photography (DOP) Edward Scaife, the guy with hat, next to Director Andre de Toth.
The guy on the right side with a cap is the spanish 1st Assistant Director Antonio 'Tony' Tarruella.
Even in the desert the make-up must look perfect!
Director Andre de Toth explains Mohamed Kouka and Mohsen Ben Abdullah the scene.
Okay, that looks good ...
The make-up is melting in the sun.
I need fresh blood!
'Play Dirty', 1968.
Oh, come on, that's just a flesh wound.
Kit West between large spotlights in the desert of Cabo de Gata (Almeria), 1968.
Camera Operator Alan McCabe (in the middle).
From left to right: Graham Sumner (Prop Master), Roger Good (Assistant Director) and
Director Andre de Toth. 
You see him often with an eye patch on Set as he lost his left eye at an early age.
Michael Caine (Captain Douglas) relaxes in his chair on the set.