"Almeria became like second home to me..." said Kit in the prologue.
He spent much time in southern Spain and worked for a total of seven movie productions as 
SP/FX Supervisor in Almeria. 
Five out of seven are western movies. A film genre that made Almeria famous.
Kit West Almeria
'Lost Command' (1966)
'Play Dirty' (1968)
'El Condor' (1969)
'Doc' (1970)
'Catlow' (1971)
'Hannie Caulder' (1971)
'Charley One-Eye' (1972)
Playa de los Tritones (Almeria), 1969.
Kit: "I had two appartments during my time living in Almeria.
Firstly 'Las Caracoles', and secondly 'Los Tritones'."

A great photo that represents the good old days of Almeria. Everything was possible.
It took me some time to find out what is going on here.
This unusual trailer was tinkered together for the movie 'Catlow'.
A special coach with plenty of horsepower!
It was used to film the funny 'poker scene' inside/outside of the coach.
Kit had his old spanish team together again for 'Catlow'.
Antonio Parra and his SP/FX crew.
But Kit was not only the SP/FX Supervisor for 'Catlow'.
If you look closely you can recognize Kit West in a small role as a bartender.
The 'poker scene' in 'Catlow'.
The camera was mounted outside at the 'coach' so you could shoot from the outside into the 'coach', 
at full speed and without shaking!
Furthermore some actors hang on the outside of the coach in the aforementioned scene.
The filming of these scenes was much easier and safer with this special trailer.
Comparison photo - Scene of 'Catlow'.