Los Albaricoques - Patricio Santiago

In the small town of Los Albaricoques (Nijar, Almeria) the 'mugging scene' was filmed.
Luke (Jim Brown), Jaroo (Lee van Cleef) and the Indians need the uniforms of the soldiers for 
their crazy plan to raid the fortress 'El Condor'.
While the soldiers have fun with the village beauties ... they are attacked and looted.
The small town Los Albaricoques was a perfect choice to portray a Mexican Village.
Various Western film productions have been filmed here.

Los Albaricoques, 1980 - Comparison photo by Michel Commes.

Imogen Hassall (Dolores).
On of those B-Movie chicks ... with a tragic early end (suicide).
The scenes in Los Albaricoques are quite slippery ...
Jim Brown (Luke).
Patricio Santiago (Julio) in Los Albaricoques, 1969. Unfortunately not much is known about Patricio.
What is he doing today? Patricio, where are you?
Patricio Santiago (Julio) has a few really great scenes with Lee van Cleef (Jaroo) in Los Albaricoques.
Julio: " ... How many did you kill?"
Jaroo: " 6 or 7, what do you care?"
Patricio Santiago, relaxing between takes. Los Albaricoques, 1969.
Lee van Cleef, Patricio Santiago, John Guillermin, Imogen Hassall.
Director John Guillermin explains the scene.
On the extreme right we see Diana West, the wife of Kit.
She has taken Patricio a little under her wing ... and was some kind of coach for him.
... you go out, strong and full of energy. You can do it!
Director John Guillermin encouraged Patricio Santiago.
Everyone liked the boy.
Patricio Santiago got an autograph from Iron Eyes Cody.
Jaroo: "...you know, you and I got a lot in common."
Julio: "We do?"
Jaroo: "Yeah, I'm a bastard too."
Director John Guillermin, Patricio Santiago and Lee van Cleef discuss the scene.
The 'Pozo de Los Albaricoques' was a movie set, built for 'El Condor'.
Behind the fountain we see Diana West with the text lines for Patricio in her hand.
Lee van Cleef (Jaroo) Patricio Santiago (Julio)
Los Albaricoques, 1969.
From left to right: Lee van Cleef, Patricio Santiago, Diana West (English Teacher for Patricio), 
Assistant Director Antonio Tarruella and Director John Guillermin.
Diana West was teaching the boy his lines in English. Tony Tarruella translated them into spanish.
Patricio Santiago
Jaroo handed Julio a valuable keepsake.
Over a hundred Extras were needed for the Scenes in Los Albaricoques.
Here we see some Apaches!
I'm very keen to identify those Extras!
Please get in touch with me if you have any information.
Many extras were brought to Los Albaricoques from Almeria by bus ...
... but also numerous residents of Los Albaricoques and surroundings got small roles.
Maybe you discover your mother / father or grandmother / grandfather on one of the photos?
Please get in touch!
Los Albaricoques, 1969.
Los Albaricoques, 1969. The tension rises, what will happen?
El Condor, 1969. The Indians have put on the uniforms.
Los Albaricoques, 1980 - Comparison photo by Michel Commes.
Patricio exercises diligently his lines of text with his teacher Diana West.
Standing in the background Special Effects Supervisor Kit West, Iron Eyes Cody and 
technical advisor G. Ross (with white hat).