About 'DOC'...by Pete Hamill
DOC is about men who could not bear reality.
The myth they created is the most enduring of all American myths:
the one about the West - and this film is an attempt to deal
with the myth and some of its creators.
Almost a century after the events at the OK Corral, Doc Holliday, 
Wyatt Earp and Kate Elder still live in the country of that myth.
And Americans continue to act and react in patterns that were 
established a century ago by those who came out of the East into
the vastness of the West.
In the very best sense, they ignored history and chose, instead, 
to live it.
It is our contention that the origins of the myth were darker and 
more complex than their later versions; and in DOC, we are moving 
into that myth's very special heart of darkness.
Those men knew that the special enemy was bogus piety, the ignoring 
of the sword's shadow and obeisance to conventional wisdom.
In one sense, the myth of the American West has been corrupted by 
DOC is one more attempt to return to American roots, which were 
bloodier and deeper than any of us have ever admitted.
('Doc' photo by Stillman Antonio Luengo)
All shown here 'DOC' photos are property of the 'Kit West Family'. 
I got the original 35mm negatives for this story.
The photos are published here for the very first time.
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